Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hyping the next one.../Merb + Rails

So you might have noticed (if anyone is noticing at all) that it's been a while for a post. This is because I wanted to actual make a good one. One with, like, references and, like, facts. They take time.

But in recent news is Merb and Rails merging together in some fashion for Rails 3.0. I don't think it'll be the worst thing to happen because it will probably open some Rails fanboys eyes to other stuff besides a typical Django vs. Rails debate of which they have all of their answers prerecorded. However, I don't like it. If there's people who need something, they'll find it or create it. Merb solves a different problem than Rails. Simple as that. When Rails was pre-1.0, they didn't give a shit who used it, who liked it, nothing. If it fit the purpose you were using it for, then awesome, use Rails. Otherwise, go have fun with Java.

Where did this attitude of Rails go? I know that 37signals has made a killing off of it and now has their hands in all sorts of cookie jars. Are they just repeating the same stuff they've been saying (which isn't bad stuff, I'm a fan) just to make it look like they have 'street cred'? The whole DHH adding "second, third, fourth..." and the debate of adding clutter and bloat to Rails says Yes, this is what is happening.

If someone needs that stuff for a special project, let them write it. If people have a need for Merb, let them use Merb. 37signals is defeating the purpose of letting people make the source work for them, hence the open sourceness of Rails. I think this is a case of "underdoing the competition" somehow. Stick to what Rails is supposed to do, let everyone else handle the rest of it.

Scott Haynes is the next greatest lawyer in Alabama.