Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Beginning of the Beginning

I have finally gotten settled down somewhat down in Mobile and ready to take on the world. Looks like I may be going back to full time employment at ACS doing FoxPro work in order to make me some fishing money. Unfortunately, that means I'll be commuting between Daupin Island and Mobile almost every day (around 35 minutes each way). The Good News is that I get to enjoy time working with all of my old friends. I still will be writing ItsTweetTime, still doing freelance (although not as actively looking for stuff), and still be blogging.

It feels very nice to have a milestone (completion of my degree) to start fresh. It isn't a total complete fresh start, but its close enough to work for now. The next plans are to start getting settled into the community of Mobile again. As many know, I am a member of the Jaycees and work on the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo. I plan on trying to get involved with some other groups involved with the downtown revitalization efforts and maybe starting up a Ruby / Rails group down here. Let me know if you've got any suggestions or offers to help start up a group!

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