Monday, May 18, 2009

Decisions are Hard

I am not technically employed by anyone. I help people with my skills and they give me money. I like this situation, but I'm afraid it has to change. I didn't put in the time to find more jobs just in case the other ones stopped needing my help and I'm behind now. So it looks like I'll be taking up my former position as a FTE. But I want things to change. I don't want to be just some guy working there; I want to be the man.

I can already foresee this is going to be a lesson in business and economics. I know there are things we could change and produce better code. However, I think that the bosses feel that change isn't needed and isn't going to be cost effective. But it isn't their fault; they just don't know how much is out there. So if they a) decide they need me full time and b) are willing to let me try to introduce some new ideas then life will be good. If anyone reads this at the office, I missed you guys. I want to do some pretty cool stuff that I've been learning and working on. I hope to share it with you!

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