Thursday, November 13, 2008

Update to ideas on Twitter and next (real) post

So I was reading an article on why conferences are good and found this article that makes a MUCH better argument about twitter and how I see it.

You can see it here. I'm going to have to digest this and see if I cant formalize my own opinion.

Next up in the blog (I know I keep saying this...) will be some musings about education reformation, primarily within the K-12. College is a whole different post of which I have some decent (to me!) ideas on what we can do specifically in regards to computer science/programming. Basically on finding a way to bridge the gap between learning real computer science (algorithms, formal languages, programming paradigms) and practical experience (a la real world experience/technical schools).

However, it is too late for me to create devote a good explanation of my ideas as I have to exercise my computer science part of my brain tomorrow afternoon. Turing machines have led me to ponder what philosophy of mathematics I subscribe so that I will be able to solve undecidable problems.

Wayyyyy to late for that nonsense.

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