Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You just got Barocked

History has been made. There is now a black President of the United States and we all watched it. As I watched Obama's speech, I couldn't help but to think of how he got where he did (as far as the election goes, not his life history).

Grassroots campaigns are the true killer app of freedom.

Freedom is something we seem to be losing more and more each day. I hope that as we move forward with a new President and other elected officials that we see rights restored to the people. Freedom to create, freedom of privacy, freedom to live our lives, and freedom from tyrannical government. Freedom has allowed people to speak out without fear of being killed or prosecuted without cause. Obama took this and ran with it with great success.

My new grassroots campaign is to promote separation of concerns. As a programmer, we must deal with this all the time. I remember the first time I saw the idea of MVC patterns. It made complete sense. Do what you are supposed to and nothing else. What are the true concerns of a national (not state or local) government, especially as vast as the United States? We seem lost; just fixing things as they come along and subject to political BS. Right now it's bailing out banks; years ago it was Social Security. As fast as news and public perception move today, how will we ever have time to sit down and actually handle the root causes of our problems? How will we ever find a way around the politics to make it happen?

It all starts with one person speaking up and finding others with the same belief. The rest will be history. looks like I have three options: become dedicated to my beliefs no matter what effect they have (but knowing I did my best), become fat and happy because I have shelter and a job (the easy way out), or move to New Zealand (good weather, lots of trees).

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