Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Economic Crisis? (Heads up...Ranting Ahead)

I'm not rich. I'm not really even well off. I am a programmer, but I'm also a novice in the grand scheme of things. I'm not out there charging $100 bucks an hour to make a Geocities websites hosting for 100% markup on the server costs circa 1999. Jobs don't just make their way into my inbox. Parents or friends? No money there. Just more credit cards (they'll help me out whenever I want it seems).

So, where's my economic crisis?

This could come off as naive and if you're hurting, I apologize. I'm only reflecting on what is happening in my little world. I'd like to have something written down that I can look back on. And then laugh. Everything will be alright. Life is good.

I'm eating. I'm playing. I'm buying "stuff". It has slowed down compared to other years, but it hasn't gone away. Are people having that much issues with living within their means? Did they not realize that this could happen? When places that cost $200k in Alabama are selling for $749k in California (see above picture), did you think that paying such an inflated price was worth it? Did you see true value in the house or just buying it because you thought you were going to get rich off of it? And some of these people are programmers! They can work from anywhere in the world. Yes, it's nice to live in the Valley I'm sure. But look at Atlanta and you can find just as amazing people doing amazing things. For the rest of everyone, there's jobs everywhere and fun people everywhere. Try living somewhere cheaper, getting more experience, then moving to the big city. You'll be well rounded, know more people, and be more stable. Seems to make sense to me.

Watch HGTV some time and look for "Property Virgins". These have got to be the pickiest people looking for everything with no cash in their pockets (although they do a good job at finding places, I'll give them that). They want stainless steel couches and 3,000 sq ft. overlooking the Earth. Give me a break. I yell at these people out loud when nobody else is with me. Splunk has no idea why I'm mad and thinks she did something wrong. Its awful.

Now we're spending billions and billions of dollars. Printing more money doesn't mean that we have more money, just more durable paper with faces on it. You can get a mortgage at outrageously low rates now. People used to be exited about 6.5% but now 5% is too much? We need to help the rates out some more?

On a political note (which I'll try not to do on here as much as possible), Obama is good and bad. Good because he'll try his hardest to do a great job and turn things around. Good because he's got the U.S. listening to him seriously. Good because he's very "transparent" with all of the Internet stuff he's doing. Bad because we'll be screwed once he's gone.

We'll continue to keep up these "helpful" policies and it will become a thorn in our sides (more New Deal programs anyone?). The government cannot control everything that people do. It's an overprotective mother. Guess what? Everyone cannot be OK.

Shit happens (even to amazing people like you).

All in all, life is good. This should teach some people hard earned knowledge on economics. Meanwhile, I'm going to start trying to make more money by working more and working harder. I hear it isn't easy finding a job out there right now, so I'm going to use my few months left in school (and student loans) to make something to call my own. I hope if you made it this far that if you're feeling tight around the wallet area, make some adjustments, go with the flow, and stay happy.

Don't overwork yourself. Don't stress out your partner. Happy cows make better milk.

Just remember that. It works for me.

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