Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What to Blog About /

When I think of writing, like many others I would assume, I find it hard to decide what is "good enough" to write about. Questions like what "what would my millions of readers find amazing enough to spend valuable time on reading" and "what would the 13 people who look at it find amusing and slightly informative on their lunch breaks".
I'm thinking that I might focus on re-blogging from other peoples ideas instead of coming up with my own. One of the great things about blogging is the breadth of information out there that doesn't get enough attention. I know this sounds like a little bit of the "easy way out" to putting my own ideas out there, but it makes sense. I'll still make an effort to come up with my own ideas (there's plenty of them) that would be good to read about, but I'd also like to share more opinions of other's opinions. Just a heads up for those in TV land.

In other personal news, I've registered yet another domain and this time it's As graduation approaches, I'd like to have some sort of online resume / portfolio for interested people. Right now it just forwards you to this blog, but there will be something up soon and I'll be sure to post about it.

So...what goes into making a good resume / portfolio? Details that make you different and expose your attitude. Something that gives viewers insight into how you perceive the happenings around you. Personality in hiring is my #1 quality to look for someone (if I were hiring someone). You must be able to get along with your team (or the other companies team in most cases).

You must be able to express yourself truthfully and confidently. By having a "good fit" personality, you can do that. By not having it, you can't.

Simple as that.

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