Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The N.O. Experiment Notes

The N.O. Experiment is overloading my mind. This is a great thing. I'm not quite sure which direction to take it, though. There's two (kind of three) ideas here.

One is to create a basic student creative learning studio. Different disciplines come together in one place to create things. I want to limit it to high tech type creativity (programmers, designers, digital arts, photographers) here at Auburn. Their responsibilities are to create things and make money doing it. My job is to provide a place to do that and have consistent jobs available. As a student, it's pretty hard to get your name out, find auxiliary people (a developer needs a photograph), find good jobs, actually get paid on them, and....oh yeah...go to class. It takes a special type of person to create at their house. I believe in a separation of concerns. When you enter your "creativity place", a certain feeling comes over you. If you work next to you sleep, you can't create that feeling. I want to teach classes for all of them so they can learn about each other's responsibilities and learn to work together. I want to help them find a "real job" after school is done. I take some money for doing this stuff, but they're making more money than they could alone, have better tools to use, and can work when they want/need to.

The second idea is to do a group of creatives working online as a showcase site. This goes back to the performing flea market. You rent a booth in a certain area, you have a stream of what you're working on feed to the site. I handle the promotion. Limit the people in each area (4 booths per area or so) and have interviews so you know the people are making some decent work. I think it would be a good place for diverse thinkers to go. A site with a little bit of everything interesting that has some quality. This is a much harder idea to accomplish in my eyes, but a much cooler project.

Third idea would be to mix them. I like this one today. Work together as a company, but list everyone as separate, independent thinkers that just happen to work together. Help the kids show off, get better, get online and get their name out there. A money-making support team for independent thinkers. Seems to sound like a hair studio when I say it like that.

Everyone needs their hair cut...

Please post if you like one of the ideas more than another. I'll also be looking for mentors (rather in Auburn area, but anywhere would be great) if I go with #1 or #3.

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