Thursday, January 22, 2009

Most Amazing Speech I've Ever Watched

I hate to hype something like this, but please watch this video. It's the Last Lecture talk given by Randy Pausch. It's a little on the long side (1:16), but beyond amazing. Everyone can understand his ideas on life, but it is geared towards high tech people at some points in the talk (and shows off some cool VR stuff, too). Randy was voted top 100 most influential people of 2008 by Time. Randy's Last Lecture and his commencement speech have both just put themselves at the top of my list of things that hit home with me in a profound way.

Speaking of great talks, go to I'm always watching someone on there. Many great people saying great things. Usually around 20-60 minute talks.

I'll be doing a write up of some of the things that impacted me, but I cannot put them to words right this second. My emotions haven't calmed down enough in the past hour to do so.

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  1. If Randy sent you on such an emotional roller coaster, then I strongly suggest that you watch the five part interview starting here.

    Second, you might want to pick up Randy's book The Last Lecture. The one thing that Randy felt was unfair was that he knew that his family was about to get pushed off a cliff; and that he won't be around to catch them. But he knew he had time to "sew some safety nets". I guess the book was his way to do just that.


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