Monday, January 12, 2009

Information Overload?

The Internet.

It's probably my favorite thing I can think of. This more than my devout devotion to red meat even. There isn't anything that can't be found on there. Want to know how to cook the most perfect steak in the world? Want to know how to turn your Wiimote into a head tracking device? You can do it.

Seth Godin is a pretty mainstream blogger on ideas pertaining to business practices. He's made a name for himself in the marketing world with his Purple Cows. He just posted a recent article that said what I've been thinking recently.

You can do anything you want to a high level of execution because lack of information is not the problem any longer. It is the act of execution that is the barrier.

I'm currently working on three different projects right now, four if you count school. I work for a car dealership software company as my real job, a start-up out of Atlanta that is producing some cool stuff pertaining to realizing costs associated with programs in the enterprise business world, and my recruitment application for college Greek groups (fraternities and sororities). There is no excuse for not knowing anything within the domain of any of these projects because the information is out there. It's up to me to make the time to realize the potential and execute to the best of my ability.

Excuses are the bottleneck. Not time. Everyone has unrealized time to study these things. My latest excuse? The Internet has too much information and I want to know too much. I can't get to the meat of things because I keep reading. It seems (so far) to be a pretty bad situation because it's circular. I must find information to do something, but there's always more information to read.

Hopefully, I'll find a way around it sometime soon. I'm trying a few things, mainly using iCal to keep me on track. Eating breakfast so I have the energy to pursue all of these projects.

What's your latest excuse and how do you plan on fixing it? Perfect time for a New Year's resolution!

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  1. To those coming from the Trackback off of Seth's page: Thank you! This is all pretty new for me, but hopefully you'll find something on here interesting.


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